We catch up with Kelly Marsden of Twile, the website that turns your photos into a timeline of your life.

Pitch us the concept... Will your children know what they were like growing up?

Twile turns your photos into a beautiful timeline of your life for you and your children to explore. Add photos and stories capturing your precious moments and share with only those you choose.

We came up with the idea when... We both had thousands of photos stored away which were rarely revisited. The photos didn't tell the whole story of the event, Who, why, when, where - we wanted a tool to capture the story of our lives to ensure our children and their children could see who we were and who they were growing up.

None of the online photo sharing tools allowed us to do that so we decided to build one.

The biggest challenge is... The size of our team. We need a development team of 20 to keep up with the bau and the huge list of ideas that we're eager to build in!
The average day is spent... Writing code, testing, gaining user feedback and marketing our product.

The team consists of... Co-founders Paul Brooks and Kelly Marsden, and Lead Developer Adrian Holmes.

Paul has over 15 years of web development experience and 10 years in project management, including six years managing his own web agency. As a contract project manager, key projects included The Open University, HSBC, First Direct and Reed Business Information (RBI).

Kelly is a user experience consultant and information architect with more than 15 years’ experience. Kelly has spent a large portion of her career working with Halifax bank, with key projects including their online banking and consumer website redesign and the creation of the Halifax share dealing mobile app.

Adrian has been building enterprise-level web applications for more than 15 years and brings a wealth of experience in a range of industries, including e-commerce and recruitment.
Our USP is... Turning your photos into a timeline of your life to record your memories, not just your photos.

In five years we’d like to be... We would like the world to know about Twile.

We hope to have millions of families using it to record their lives, so that they can revisit and relive their memories for years to follow. We want everyone to know and remember who they were growing up.

Our best piece of advice for gaining investment… It's who you know not just what you know - networking is the key to getting yourself talked about.

We attended a tech start up course - 'Dotforge accelerator' - this was an intense 13 week programme to take your initial idea and build it into an invest-able business.  This provided us with a huge amount of knowledge, mentorship and contacts which lead to our success in securing our first seed round of investment through 8 Yorkshire Angels.

Our biggest mistake and what it taught us... We make mistakes all the time, it's all part of the life of being a start up - you have the freedom to make mistakes - turning them into lessons is the key success of a small business.

The most rewarding experience we’ve had to date… Gaining investment was a huge boost as it meant that we had proved to our investors that we had a business plan and product that will be successful.  

More recently, our userbase grew 40% in July alone which has given us validation in our product. Watching the new registrations coming in on a daily basis is incredibly rewarding as our hard work is beginning to be appreciated by our customers. 

Coming soon... The Iphone app will be ready by the end of August with the Android app following soon after.

13 August 2014