Say the word 'travel' to someone and they’ll often think about exotic getaways, quaint cottages and epic adventures. That’s perfectly understandable. Travel, as they say, should broaden the mind, which is why like many lifestyle websites, we have a whole section dedicated to holiday ideas and inspiration. However, the concept of travel isn’t limited to pleasure and recreation. People travel for a variety of reasons, including education and perhaps more significantly, employment.

The Route to Working Abroad

Working abroad has surged in popularity over the last few decades. This began when people within the Commonwealth were encouraged to relocate to the UK after World War 2 to help fill labour shortages in various industries.

This led to the creation of new laws, such as the 1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act, to help control the flow of workers coming to the UK from overseas. Today, a skilled worker visa is required to work in the UK as a migrant. The skilled worker visa replaced the Tier 2 visa and brought in a variety of changes. Specifically, a number of requirements were relaxed in order to make it easier for both employers and prospective employees to navigate the international recruitment process. For example, the minimum salary requirement was reduced from £30,000 to £26,200.

That reduction gives employers scope to recruit more skilled workers from abroad because they don’t have to focus exclusively on experienced workers who demand higher salaries. This, in turn, means workers early in their careers can look for employment opportunities in the UK. Similar systems are in place elsewhere, which means it’s more than possible for people in the UK to relocate and work abroad.

Reasons to Work Internationally

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Working overseas definitely isn’t for everyone but we’ve established that it’s possible to do it in a safe and legal way when you follow the right channels. The question, therefore, is should you consider turning your travel aspirations into a career move? We’ve got plenty of articles on why you should travel to far-flung destinations, so let’s continue that trend by bringing this one to a close with some reasons why working abroad could be a good idea:

1. New sights, experiences, and cultures – moving abroad for work doesn’t mean you’ll be chained to a desk 24/7. Working practices vary from country to country, but you’ll always have free time to explore new places, meet new people and enjoy different experiences.

2. Earn more money – salaries in the UK are competitive but there are places you can earn more even in the same career. This will require a bit of research and, in reality, money shouldn’t be the primary reason to relocate. However, with the right job in the right country, you could improve your earning potential.

3. Enhance your career prospects – someone who has worked around the world is more often more desirable to employers. Just as travelling broadens the mind, it improves your CV and shows employers you’re more than a corporate robot.

Someone with experience of different cultures and working practices can often be a very valuable asset to businesses. This, combined with the personal growth you can achieve by travelling, is perhaps the best reason to work abroad.

September 2023

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