Normandy stands out as one of the most beautiful and popular camping destinations for adventure and nature lovers. Yelloh! Village understands campers and offers some of the best amenities at the campsites to ensure that you have a fulfilling experience as you bond with nature in Normandy and beyond. The region is located in the northwest of France and is made up of five counties that you can explore during your camping expedition with Yelloh! Village. Here is everything you need to know about camping in Normandy.

Yelloh! Village Campsites in Normandy

Normandy is the perfect destination for people who love beautiful landscapes, great food, and little villages. The region carries a historic UNESCO Heritage status with a serene countryside that you will enjoy solo, with your friends, or even with family. When camping Normandy with Yelloh! Village, you have two main camping sites to choose from, as explained below.

Camping La Capricieuse

Yelloh La_capricieuse
The Yelloh! Village camping site at La Capricieuse is located only 100m from the beautiful Normandy beaches, thus giving you the chance to take those morning walks on the beach and catch the sunsets.

Besides the proximity to the beach, the facility has three huge swimming pools and offers you high-end accommodation to make your getaway even more comfortable. Other services you will enjoy here include spacious pitches, kid’s clubs, a bar, and modest entertainment.

Camping Portland

Yelloh Village Portland

The site at Portland is a little bigger than La Capricieuse, it sits on 10 hectares at Port-en-Bessin and is situated just a few miles from the famous D-Day landing beaches. With a family-oriented setting, visitors get a huge water park with a heated swimming pool, outdoor pool, and a paddling pool. The children will have so much fun on the water slides.

At this location, you can explore the Omaha Beach to Bayeux Tapestry. Even better, there are bicycles at the camp that you can use to meander through the cycle paths in nature. Don’t forget to check out the restaurant and grocery store on-site.

What to Do While Camping in Normandy with Yelloh! Village

Normandy as a region has so much to offer to tourists and locals. As mentioned above, it consists of five counties, with the capital being the Seine-Maritime. Let’s look at some of the activities you can engage in while camping in Normandy with Yelloh! Village.

Try Out Authentic French Cuisines

Camping in Normandy gives you a chance to sample the exquisite French cuisines of the region. Normandy is popular for cheeses and delicious seafood such as scallops and oysters. Other local specialties you shouldn’t miss include the andouille de Vire smoked sausages and the Caen-style stripes. Wash that down with a tasty glass of cider from the region.

Enjoy Afternoons in Normandy’s Serene Nature

Filled with greenery, Normandy features gardens such as the Jardins de Castillon, Chateau de Brecy, and the Jardin des Oubliees. Besides the lush green surroundings, you also enjoy seeing flowers and picking them with your loved ones. Don’t miss the Needle of Etretat, which is a beautiful natural monument that rises from the sea and overlooks the cliff. Take a few photos to reminisce about the good times.

Visit the Beaches in Normandy

Your camping Normandy expedition cannot be complete without visiting the beaches. The beaches in this region have been ranked as the most beautiful ones across the globe. Start with Omaha Beach and enjoy views of the crescent curve and the unusual collection of bluffs and cliffs from the sea. You can go for a walk, swim, or paddle as long as you keep between the red and yellow flags for safety. Other beaches you should explore are Quiberville Beach, Sword Beach, Juno Beach, and Hermanville Beach.

A good camping experience helps you unwind and rejuvenate your mind and soul. As seen above, Yelloh! Village offers you two very expansive luxe camping sites in the beautiful Normandy region. Their locations are strategic to give you that pleasant atmosphere with your family and loved ones. Whether you want some relaxation, exploration in nature and at the beaches, or adventure, camping in Normandy serves you right. You get a shot at an unforgettable experience.