The next instalment by best-selling health writer Madeleine Shaw should set you on the path to hotter, happier and healthier you.

Do you want to be hot, happy and healthy? Madeleine Shaw - the living embodiment of all these things - is here to help. Best friends with and nutritionist to Made in Chelsea star, Millie Mackintosh, Madeleine’s second book Ready Steady Glow revives the “get the glow” theme of her best-selling first book with healthy, accessible food that will leave you (hopefully) looking as glowing and gorgeous as she does.


The idea is to make healthy eating a simple and natural process that fits in with the average person’s life – fast during the week and slow at the weekend. The book is thus divided into two halves, featuring recipes that can be prepared in under 30 minutes mid-week and longer, lazy meals for those precious two days off (as well as some key yoga moves to incorporate into your daily life).

Madeleine was raised by Kiwi parents and grew up on a healthy diet, but her late teenage years saw her living on rice cakes and fruit, leading to severe digestive issues and poor health. Starving yourself isn’t healthy; eating a sensible, rounded diet is and Madeleine knows better this than anyone. Her approach is thus all about balance and the delicious looking recipes proof that eating healthily needn’t mean going hungry.


Predominantly gluten-free (Madeleine believes that even if you don’t have an intolerance, gluten does the gut no favours), she comes up with some original alternatives to gluten in side dishes such as sweetcorn mash and cauliflower rice and there is much to tempt all round.

Recipe highlights for us include pan fried trout with apple and dill salad (we’ll definitely be trying this over summer) as well as one-pot chicken and parsnip stew and a vitamin packed weekend breakfast dish of pea fritters with smashed avocado and poached eggs. All-in-all, a book well worth adding to your kitchen stockpile.

Madeleine Shaw's READY, STEADY, GLOW! Fast, Fresh Food Designed for Real Life is published by Orion Books in hardback and eBook, priced £20/£10.99. Photography: Martin Poole (food), Ellis Parrinder (portrait)

April 2016