Do you hang onto every last word your idols say? Jotting down phrases read in newspapers, sentences heard on the radio? Do you inscribe every Christmas card with the perfect quote for your friend/family/lover? Language, the spoken word, subtle and spontaneous in equal measure has left us feeling enthused for decades, and long may it continue. When it comes to quotations - these sites are our pick of the crop...

Brainy Quote

Brainy Quote is a breath of fresh air, with every significant personality from each decade of the 20th Century represented. You can enjoy the quotes in simple text form, or you can scroll down to their picture gallery and be illuminated by their collection of quotations on photos. Get inspired about love, success, art or happiness and let the greats drive your dreams.

Quotes on Design

If you’re heading for a contemporary world of all things design and you need to hear the voice of experience then this is the site for you. Click through the site as quote upon quote rolls up on your screen through the randomiser and encounter words you just can’t refuse. You’ll be setting up that business in no time. 

Greatest Inspirational Quotes

Now this is inspiration in progress... A blog of enduring quotes on love, life and everything in between. Ignite your weary soul with words of wisdom from the world’s greatest minds - and what's more, if you sign up to their newsletter you get a free inspirational eBook! What's not to love? 

Addicted 2 Success

Here are modern stars with bracing words of inspiration as well as more current artists. The quotes are delivered on a backdrop of evoking photography to spark that extra bit of inspiration in you. A niche blog that’s well worth a look.

Think Exist

Possibly the most original source of inspiration there is on the web, innovation is key, as this site opens up doors of possibilities as well as helping you discover worldly icons, with a philosophical or a business slant. The quotes are provided with relevant information about the famous person who the saying is by. Come across a quote you particularly fall for, and now you want to hear more from that inspiring person? Think Exist helps out by offering a link to more quotes by the same person. An incredibly useful resource.

Quote Land

Want to be wise then you must subscribe. Begin a new learning approach with educational quotes, keep motivated with the quote of the week, check out prestigious speeches and revel in the most eloquently written lines in literature. Musical lyrics, T.V lines, this site is everything to everyone who cares for a little inspiration on a Monday.

Quote Garden

This could well be the Garden of Eden when it comes to quotes. The site offers up to the minute topic centric quotes on events such as Halloween and Father’s Day, as well as providing wise words regarding, well, everything, it seems. Want to read something inspiring about cheerleading? This site has it. Breastfeeding? It’s there. Dogs? Got it covered. So turn to Garden of Eden for an assured dosage of wise words on any topic you could think of.

November 2012.