As the New Year rolls into focus, your mind may be shifting to the healthy habits you want to ingrain in 2023. Whilst January never seems a great time for the type of resolutions that entail deprivation or gruelling new fitness routines, instilling simple, daily healthy habits feels imminently doable. See it as a positive take on the usual self-flagellation of ‘new year, new you’.

Using a simple tracker app on your phone can help you do just that - stay on track. Documenting your progress and even sharing your milestones with friends and family - from sleep to fitness, nutrition and screen time. Below are 7 apps to download in preparation for the New Year…


Streaks App

An Apple Design award-winner that integrates seamlessly with your Health app to keep your metrics up to date, this easy to use tracker is fully customisable and encourages you to hit a 12-day streak to help embed new habits and even break negative ones too. £4.49. Available in the iOS App Store.



Developed by behavioural economists at Yale, StickK has you signing your own ‘commitment contract’ and even betting money on yourself based on your likelihood of following through with your habit-change goals. You can even appoint a loved one to keep you accountable through weekly reports. Free. Available in the iOS App Store.



If you like to geek out on stats, the Habitify app is filled with in-depth performance graphs and progress charts. With a clear ‘to-do list’ to ensure you hit your goals on time, it can be synchronised across all iOS devices and with your Health app to ensure your metrics are at your fingertips when you need them. Free. Available in the iOS App Store.



Fully customisable, with a simple, pleasing interface, Done allows you to set multiple habits to track, with flexibility on frequency of tracking and reminders. Stay on track and you’ll gain ‘streak’ awards, whether you are looking to break or make a habit. Free. Available in the iOS App Store.



A video-game inspired tracker where you can ‘level-up’ when you hit your milestones, this is a fun, creative way to keep you engaged and motivated in even the most mundane daily habit task. Free. Available in the iOS App Store.

Morning Routine Habit Planner

Morning Routine Habit Tracker

A calm yet focused way to start your morning, the Morning Routine tracker allows you to build your start to the day with intention using easy time slot style building blocks. Perfect whether you’re interested in meditation, affirmations or fitness. As an added bonus the ‘get inspired’ section includes tips and advice from the likes of Michelle Obama and Oprah, to start your day in a positive mindset. Free. Available in the iOS App Store.



A super simple concept and easy-to-use interface, simply make your pledge, complete your daily ‘sessions’ and track your progress. Each session has a personalised timer that you have set yourself. It might be a 20-minute daily walk, 15-minutes of journalling, five-minutes flossing… simply log your time invested in forming your new habit to stay on track. Free. Available in the iOS App Store.

Plus: 5 Ways To Build Habits That Stick

Start Small

All habit changes set off with the best intentions and an end-goal in sight. Take running for instance. If your aim is to run a 5k, you wouldn’t set off on your first jog with that distance in mind. Achieving 1k and building slowly over weeks will help you to maintain a goal long-term, rather than going too hard too soon, getting injured and never running again.

Tack Them Onto An Ingrained Habit

When you are actively trying to form a habit, you will need daily nudges to remind you to make the changes you need permanent. Whether it’s a notification on your phone to drink more water, or your weekly runs programmed into your calendar as non-negotiable ‘meetings’. Another trick to help embed your habit is to tack it onto an existing activity you do daily. Place your new supplements by your coffee machine to remind you to take them; stick a post-it on your bathroom mirror to remind you to do your Kegels as you brush your teeth. Soon one habit will automatically trigger the other.

Track Them

How will you see your progress if you don’t track your habits? It could be distance and time for runs, or sleeping hours, screen time… whatever the habit is you’re trying to change, ensure you are effectively tracking your daily stats so you can see how far you’ve come over time to boost your commitment to stick with it.

Set Rewards

Gameifying habit change is a fun and engaging way to stick at it. Set yourself targets with rewards attached if you keep at your daily habits. It could be an indulgent bath oil for reaching your first 5k run, or a new book for reducing your screen time below your goal.

Focus on one area at a time

So you want to get better sleep, lose a stone and cut out alcohol? Chances are if you try and tackle all of those in one go, you will achieve none. Try nailing one habit at a time (with small goals remember!) and wait until it has become an unconscious daily habit you no longer need to make a conscious effort to achieve before you move onto the next.

By Lydia Mansi
Updated December 2023