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Cooking With Parents

IKEA'S manifesto from children to their parents: five rules that make cooking fun for kids.

When you’ve got kids, having them around in the kitchen can sometimes feel like a hindrance. You know the scenario; you need to get food on the table quickly, your kids are asking questions, pots are on the boil. And when they ask to help, the jobs that spring to mind are the easy ones (low risk), help with laying the table, emptying the dishwasher. It’s no surprise then that kids’ outlook on the kitchen can be that it’s all rather dull.

IKEA has always put family and children at the heart what it does. With this in mind, it has come up with a manifesto from children to their parents, Cooking With Parents, with five rules that bring back fun into cooking and the kids back into the kitchen, a place where the family can come together and relax. The rules are simple but important.


IKEA asked 8,500 people in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai about their everyday thoughts and routines in and around their kitchens, to find out how the moments around food affect their wellbeing. The Life At Home Report found that nearly half of all parents feel they just don’t have enough time to play with their children. At the same time, most kids lack basic food knowledge and cooking skills, simply because parents dread the mess and stress that comes from letting them loose in the kitchen.


On the upside, two thirds of parents believe it is important to involve their children in the kitchen and involve them in activities in the preparation of meals. So why not make the kitchen the most interesting room in your house. It is after all the one room we all spend a huge amount of time in. So give it a go, the time has come to let kids into the kitchen, it’s time for cooking with parents.

To find out more, read the report here.

October 2015