Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has provided its users (there are now about 800 million of us) with fashion, beauty, culinary and travel inspiration. Now, we are getting housekeeping inspo from it, too.

We’ve opened the world to our homes through the windows of social media, which means we’ve got to keep those homes more pristine than ever. (The hashtag “declutter” currently has 411,869 posts on Instagram.) But how, we hear you cry, can we permanently perfect our homes when we are already drowning under the tornado of our to-do list?

Well, you are not in this alone, for the wise folk of Instagram are charging to your rescue. Here, we choose five feeds that will help you master your mess.


Based in Nashville – as several cool things seem to be – the glamorous gals behind @thehomeedit want to reinvent traditional organising and merge it with design and interior styling. Their feed is all about functional systems that are easy to maintain and easy on the eye. Yup, they even advocate a colour-coordinated larder.


The Japanese queen of clean has been sparking joy in people’s homes across the world since the staggering success of her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. Her immaculate Instagram feed shows you the best ways to pack, fold, categorise and let go of the things you simply do not need.


This one is light on tips but heavy on tasty, visual food for thought. There just isn’t any clutter here. There is a place for everything and everything is in its place, whether that place is a basket, hook or thoughtfully curated shelf. Aspire to these interiors and you aspire to nirvana.


Love it, use it or lose it, says Nicola Lewis, who runs the bespoke streamlining service for busy people and homes, This Girl Can Organise. Her Instagram feed is a riot of rallying mantras – and, like any declutterer worth their salt, she loves a repurposed Diptyque candle jar.


Part shop selling exquisite storage solutions, part lifestyle porn mag, @theorganisedhome is a feast for neat freaks the world over. This feed implores followers to “edit your possessions to take your home from chaos to calm” and to know that “too many possessions get in the way of a meaningful life”. Just glorious.

November 2018