Social media platforms often get a bad rap. There’s no denying that they can inspire a clutch of the deadly sins, chief amongst them vanity, envy and pride, with occasional dalliances with gluttony. On the flipside, they also allow us a window into craftsfolk at work – and there are few things more hypnotic or satisfying than watching a ceramicist deftly manipulating clay on the wheel. Meditative and frequently mind-blowing, these are the masters of the art that we can’t get enough of watching.

Florian Gadsby

In 2017, London-based potter Florian Gadsby spent a year as Ken Matsuzaki's visiting apprentice in Mashiko, Japan. There he learnt to use the traditional Japanese kick-wheel. We’ve loved his videos for the past five years as he makes tableware from his London studio. Is there anything more gratifying than watching him shave and trim his creations to perfection? Follow him here.

Rachael Cocker

Oh how we love Rachael Cocker’s ceramics. Created from her Scottish studio, her pots are joyful, floral and Bloomsbury-esque. She was working as a teaching assistant when, in 2017, she began sharing some of her work on Instagram. It went so well that she was able to quite her day job and make full time. The stuff dreams are made of. Follow her here.

Emma Lacey

Emma Lacey’s signature dent pieces are designed in celebration of the ergonomic tactility of clay, allowing users to feel the malleability the material. We’re also here for the wonderful array of colours and the sheer satisfaction of watching her at work. She says, ‘I love the thought that the material properties of an object can connect the designer or maker’s experience to that of the person using it.’ Follow her here.

Love In Ceramics

Love In Ceramics is a must-follow for all those who derive untold satisfaction from watching mesmeric videos of potters at work. Featuring ceramicists from around the world, each day its squares showcase a new artist, and we could watch them all day long. Follow it here.

Natalie J Wood

Natalie J Wood is an Edinburgh-based ceramicist whose work we find endlessly pleasing. She makes clocks. She makes vases. She makes plates. The unifying factor? Their clean aesthetic and excellent array of colours. No one can make a pastel hue pop like she can. Follow her here.

Ceramics Videos

This account does exactly what it says on the tin – and we are entranced. Every day there is a gratifying new video to watch and thus enter a meditative state. Follow it here.

EPC Studio

We have an extra special soft spot for hand-built pottery with all its joyful imperfections. Emily Elizabeth Proctor, a former stylist and buyer, makes some of the best we’ve come across, executed in a palette of neutrals, all from her Hoxton studio. No two pieces are the same and the fact that you can see every mark left by her tools and her hands only makes the connection with the end-user all the more special. Follow her here.

Element Clay Studio

Heather Knight’s nature-inspired ceramic sculptures are things of rare beauty, riffing on shells, fossils and natural forms. She may be based in the US, but she ships her work around the world – or you could just watch her creating her magic on Instagram. Follow her here.

Atelier Stella

Stella Baggot makes playful and cheery ceramics from her Brighton-based studio. Her story began in 2012, when she first began to get serious about her pottery, hitherto a hobby that complemented her successful career as a children’s book illustrator. Fast-forward to 2022, and her showroom is the real deal, her works an established part of the ceramics scene. We love that the shapes are ever-changing and that there is always a surprise to be unearthed upon browsing her current collection. She says, ‘My starting point for my designs is what I like, what I would want in my home. I like things that make my smile but I also want it to be stylish and to fit into my own home decor which is quite modern with vintage elements. I'm a big fan of mid-century ceramics from Cornwall and Italy for their bold use of texture and pattern and also love the clean lines and simplicity of Scandinavian design - I think my work reflects all of these influences.’ Follow her here.

The Pottery Parade

Sandra Apperloo, an Utrecht-based ceramicist, makes some of the cheeriest vases and planters on Instagram. We have especially fallen for her bendy bud vases, each adorned with a delightful little face. Joyful. Follow her here.

By Nancy Alsop
July 2022