Having trouble sleeping? Turn to these apps for help...

Insomnia is often caused by stress and anxiety - no wonder it occurs when sufferers have troubles professionally, financially or otherwise. Many turn to alcohol which causes further issues, stimulating the body to produce more adrenaline and consequently disturbing the natural sleep rhythm. These apps will help with reducing stress and overcoming the disorder by relaxing you and helping you fall asleep naturally with no unwanted side effects.      

Sleepy Traveller - Have you ever missed your stop because you fell asleep on a train or bus? Annoying, we know. This clever app uses your phone's GPS and detects when you are approaching your final stop with an alarm going off to wake you up. Genius. 

Nature sounds relax and sleep - When you're having a massage and are listening to that soothing, chilled music it’s hard not to nod off. This app recreates that exact feeling, playing the most incredibly comforting sounds; play it at night and see how quickly you succumb to sleep. 

iDream - Everyone wakes up at some time or another with a strange or recurrent dream at the forefront of their minds. This app offers a comprehensive database of dreams and their meanings, structured from a-z with a handy search tool. There's even a journal so you can make notes to refer to at a later stage. 

Relax & Sleep Well - The master of hypnosis, Glen Harrold, who has a whole host of celebrity clients, offers a powerful 27-minute hypnotherapy session here. It would be hard not to doze off whilst listening to his soothing voice over the background of mellifluous sound effects.

Sleep Cycle – Many of us struggle to wake when our body wants to; a pity as that's when we feel much more relaxed and rested. This app analyses sleep patterns and cleverly wakes you when you're in the lightest sleep phase. 

Sleep Machine Lite - Last but certainly not least, this trusty app helps you relax into a dream state with an incredible selection of chill out tunes. There's also a timer and an alarm - and you can even mix and match up to three sounds for an added bonus. 

February 2014