Kick start the day with healthy recipes from some of our favourite bloggers.

Run on behalf of arable farmers who grow crops such as wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape, Shake Up Your Wakeup aims to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast while demonstrating the wealth of wonderful breakfast produce available around the UK.

Studies have shown that breakfast is extremely important in maintaining a healthy body weight, encouraging people to eat properly at lunchtime instead of snacking on unhealthy, sugary or salty snacks mid-morning.

Personally, we need no encouragement when it comes to eating a hearty, healthy breakfast, so it was great relish that we set about finding some delicious breakfast recipes from some of our favourite bloggers. Try these as part of a New Year’s resolution to eat a good breakfast every morning and really set yourself up for the day.

From Sprouted Kitchen

A delicious and healthy recipe for the weekend that is particularly popular with kids. We love the nutty flavour achieved by the buckwheat flour here. Douse liberally with some butter and honey for heaven on a plate.

From Mimi Thorisson

When it comes to culinary matters, we are ardent Francophiles so little wonder that the blog of Mimi Thorisson (see our Blog of the Month) is our new obsession. This cheese and tarragon omelette from her fantastic blog is simple, French country cooking at its finest and a breakfast fit for kings.

From Well-Worn Whisk

This is an indulgent, filling and yet healthy breakfast that would be just the ticket if you were nursing a hangover (something you definitely WON’T be doing in January, ahem). Make sure you have some good quality sourdough on hand to mop up the sauce. Yum.

From Poires au Chocolat

Good quality granola is ridiculously expensive to buy and can be made quite easily at home. A good new year’s resolution (if you’re still making them) is to start making your own. This recipe from Poires au Chocolat comes out all lovely and dark, just how we like it.

From Deliciously Ella

A breakfast of oats is really about the healthiest breakfast you can have in our view, releasing energy slowly and keeping you full until lunch. And there are so many ways to eat them. This is a great breakfast from Ella to fall back on mid-week. Very simple to make and really delicious.

January 2017