Growing up, Gesine Holschuh would hand-knit sweaters during school when she was bored, but never set out to work in fashion.

The Hamburg native is a former business consultant who worked for an investment bank in New York, for Mc Kinsey in Belgium and Germany and has an engineering degree and an interest in social entrepreneurship.

During a series of trips to South America, Holschuh became inspired by the weaving collectives she visited in several villages and fell in love with the "ruanas" big traditional shawls. She began selecting a few artists whom she believed would be able to adapt their traditional skills to a more ‘European’ style.

When Holschuh’s friend and designer Marine Halna du Fret got on board, the Belgian brand WEHVE was created. She used her 20 years of experience from the women’s ready-to-wear department of Hermès to help adapt the weavers’ skills and styles to a more modern, European sensibility.

The WEHVE mission is two-fold: first, to preserve the profound knowledge passed down through ancestral traditions of weaving, and to share and enjoy these skills in timeless pieces produced as sustainably and ethically as possible.

Made entirely in Peru and Uruguay, the collection’s colourful, hand-loomed blanket wraps, sweaters, and cardigans are made from organically raised and harvested merino wool and baby alpaca combined with silks and linens. The pieces feature bright, natural-dyed colours; fringe and leather trims, and graphic geometric patterns.

Since weaving has its limitations, a few of the silhouettes have arm holes, but most of Wehve’s capes and cardigans are meant to drape over the shoulders. Perfect for travelling on planes.

Gesine's daughter Lilian has served as the face of the brand since 2018.

The company has also now added a REWORK scheme, accepting pieces from previous collections in exchange for a 100 EUR-voucher. The older collection items are then reworked, embroidered and sold as unique pieces through the website.