The term ‘London concept store’ is a normality today. Visitors to the city expect the edgy stores that line shopping streets, often looking more like a gallery than retail space.

Ten years ago, this wasn’t the case. High street stores such as Topshop ruled womenswear, and Shoreditch was still more associated with abandoned warehouses than artisanal coffee shops.

It was against this backdrop, in 2007 that Goodhood founders, streetwear obsessives Kyle Stewart and Jo Sindle decided to quit their jobs and start a store, which promoted niche, independent labels. Fast forward thirteen years and Goodhood is an institution on the London shopping scene. It expanded into a new two-story space on Curtain Road in Shoreditch, after seven years on Hoxton’s Coronet Road. The Goodhood Store upped sticks to a super-size, 3,000 square foot site, now home to over 250 brands.

Goodhood Clothing

Much like Colette in Paris, or Dover Street Market, it is a destination, offering an eclectic, expertly curated selection of mens and womenswear from across the world. Downstairs, shoppers can take a break at the Goodhood café.

So popular is their vision that they're now busy helping other companies find their voice through Goodhood's graphic and branding agency.

In this trendy part of town stores come and go all too often. Goodhood's staying power is due to being characterized by high quality and good taste, able to overcome fads of the moment. Constantly refreshing their mix of brands like Comme des Garçons, Les Girls Les Boys, Ganni and MM6.

Goodhood pin badge

The upscale stock is hand picked to appeal to Goodhood’s very East End customer, but chosen with a real sense of humour and mixed with a few easy, low-cost affordable trinkets: mugs, candles, and pin badges.


In the Garden category, I love this combined watering can and spray bottle.

Across its ecommerce site and store, Goodhood have also expanded into an interesting range of furnishings, homeware and accessories as well as a collection of well picked skin care, Toys and Games, and books and magazines.

Popeye Magazine

For sought after products, the Launches page is a clever raffle system for the latest releases - giving a level playing field to all by entering a draw to win.

The Goodhood tag is ‘it’s a lifestyle baby!’ and long may they continue!

Shop online and at 151 Curtain Rd, Hackney, London EC2A 3QE

By Anna Bance
January 2021


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