Whatever your sartorial tastes and budget, whether you’re a supermodel or a student, Topshop remains a favourite with its collections of ever-changing high street fashion. The brand was purchased by ASOS in 2021, where you can buy Topshop exclusively online. However, there are alternatives. So if you love browsing Topshop via ASOS from the comfort of your sofa, you’ll love the following five sites that sell affordable high street fashion and nail the trends we love. Make a cuppa and click way.

Brands Like Topshop 1

Not Just A Label (NJAL)
Brands Like Topshop Nual

Topshop is well known, and greatly respected, for being a breeding ground for young fashion design talent. It famously sponsors emerging designers but so too does rival site Not Just A Label which has become the world’s leading online platform for new designer talent. NJAL started in 2008 and now represents designers from 150 countries and offers emerging talents publicity and promotion through its media channels and partnerships. Take a gander; we think you’ll like it.

Brands Like Topshop Stradivarius

The lesser-known sister brand to Zara, Stradivarius can give Topshop a run for its money in the affordable style stakes. On their site, shoppers can browse by trend or by product and share their outfits. You can share your outfit with #stradilooks and let the world see it. Very millennial. The Spanish brand Stradivarius, which targets 20 to 35 year old women is in 23 countries, as well as online.

Brands Like Topshop Asos

We could hardly not include ASOS in this list of Topshop alternatives, even if it does own the brand. But ASOS is a global fashion portal, revered by fashion followers the world over, including Michelle Obama. ASOS was founded in 2000 as As Seen On Screen, the celebrity-inspired site selling clothes spotted in films or on TV. Now, it is widely considered the online go-to for affordable fashion. It sells over 850 brands and its fashion editor-approved own-label clothes to 20-somethings. Who needs the high street when ASOS offers Next-Day Delivery for £5.95?

Brands Like Topshop Monki

Founded in 2006, Monki excels in bold pieces that are on-trend and wallet friendly, with a catchphrase, 'The antidote to boredom.' The collections are guided by contemporary youth culture where it keeps its community firmly at its heart. If you haven't considered Monki before, take a look now. The brand is big on social media and you'll find lots of inspiration #monkistyle.

River Island
Brands Like Topshop River Island

River Island has long been a loved British high street brand. Since its inception 60 years ago, the virtual shelves of River Island are changed weekly with stylish and affordable fashion that is almost all designed in-house. Their site is more than just shopping; their Inspiration page includes blogs on reading lists, recipes and catwalk stories. We challenge you to cruise the site and finish empty-handed.