Having an arsenal of tools, products and just a little bit of know-how will help you care for your clothes to extend their wear and keep their fibres in tip-top shape. If you are thinking about popping your knits back into storage as the weather warms, a few preventative moth deterrents and a good wash before you put them away will ensure they come out again next autumn in ready-to-wear condition.

We are all guilty of putting our clothes in the wash basket after just one wear. Instead, why not invest in clothes refreshers; a steamer; or try a good old-fashion airing on the line. The less we wash our clothes, especially delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere, the longer they will last us.

Finally, the lost art of ‘make do and mend’ is having a timely revival amidst the climate emergency. A simple sewing kit and an hour on a YouTube tutorial and you will be armed with all the know-how to darn that sock or sew on that errant button – good as new.

Here are 15 buys to help you care for your wardrobe.