If your consumer goal for 2024 is to be more considerate about how much you purchase, and perhaps only buy pieces that you know you will get plenty of use out of, then Almada Label is a brand worth knowing about. Alexa Dagmar and Linda Juhola founded Almada Label in 2020 as a solution to their never-ending search for classic yet attainable garments. Both women spent years working as fashion content creators and then decided they wanted to create something of their own. They wanted to be able to control the entire process according to their vision, from production to branding. It took two years and many times of almost giving up to find the right contacts and factories that they felt comfortable working with.

Designed in Helsinki, Finland, and made in Italy, Portugal and Inner Mongolia, Almada Label is an everyday luxury knitwear brand. Each piece is consciously crafted from natural materials with responsible production practices and designed to last from season to season. Featuring organic cashmere, mulesing-free merino and bouclé cotton, there is a care guide to help ensure longevity in your pieces.

In terms of the designs, not only are the materials timeless, but there is a classic simplicity to the fit and cut, for example casual crewnecks with matching wide-leg knit trousers, slouchy cable knit midi dresses, easy-to-wear cardigans, off-the-shoulder tops, and plenty of basic sweaters that can be dressed up or down. The colour palette is consistently neutral, featuring black, creamy white, and classic grey.

The company are committed to transparency and sharing information openly with the customer, down to the cost of products, factories and origins of materials.

Exemplifying the effortless Scandinavian chic, the founders aimed to celebrate even the most basic of wardrobe items. To make it easy for customers to shop for and celebrate a minimalist silhouette that transcends trends. Great for workwear and a mix and match approach, the pieces are an investment which can be enjoyed for many years.

By Anna Bance
January 2024