The last year has taken its toll on many of us, whether you’re recovering from Covid, feeling stressed by the difficulties of working in challenging environments or you’re stuck behind a desk at home. With warmer and longer days ahead of us, now is the time to up the ante and improve your wellbeing. Dust off the shadows of those winter months, address your personal needs, get fit and spend as much time outside as you can.

These two brands have wellbeing front and foremost and we’ve cherry picked some products that we are looking forward to trying.

Purity Hemp

There is a lot of noise in the wellness industry on the benefits of CBD, the food supplement. Most importantly, if you’re buying CBD products, you need to find a brand with an exemplary reputation. Purity Hemp Company has built its name on the principles of traceability, transparency and trust, supporting thousands of customers in improving their physical and mental wellbeing. To view the full range, click here

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Sleep Well Bundle

Purity Hemp Sleep Bundle Gwg Loves

This is a great introduction to Purity Hemp’s range giving two different ways to use CBD whilst offering good value for money as well. The duo is made up of Natural Hemp Tea and 5% CBD Oil (500mg), which can help combat ongoing or short term sleep and anxiety issues. The tea has an earthy aroma and mildly sweet tone for utter relaxation and the oil is easy to take as drops under the tongue with a light flavour. £37 (save £25) Click here to buy.

CBD Jelly Domes

Purity Hemp Cbd Jelly Domes Gwg Loves

These sugar-free CBD edibles are an easy way to take CBD where you can monitor your daily dosage while optimising your health and wellbeing. Recommended for a number of ailments including insomnia, fatigue, anxiety as well as aiding muscle recovery. £26. Click here to buy.

Muscle Recovery Trio

Purity Hemp Cbd Relief Bundle Gwg Loves

This trio includes Heating & Cooling Pain Relief Roll-On Gels and CBD Relief Wraps. This topical collection targets inflammation and aids healing directly onto the problem areas through different temperature therapies or long term wear. This offers a number of ways for Purity Hemp's Broad Spectrum CBD oil to penetrate deeply into the muscles and aid healing. £30 (save £20). Click here to buy.


There's nothing better than starting the day with a shake, packed full of goodness, whether you’re rushing out of the door or want to make sure you’re getting the right intake of nutrients. Dare’s plant based shakes are an all-in-one blend of seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre- and probiotics, along with twenty-six essential vitamins and minerals. The shakes not only meet your nutritional needs and fitness goals, but also harness other benefits to aid health, mood, emotion and performance. At £1.20 a serving, they are much less than your daily coffee and so much better for you. Just mix with water or dairy or nut milk, give it a shake and you’re good to go. To view the full range, click here.

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Free t shirt and shaker with every first order, 20?% discount also available quoting code AWESOME20

Motivational Shake

Dare Motivational Shakes Gwg Loves 2

There are three flavours, cocoa and Jaffa orange, Cocoa and peanut butter and cocoa vanilla frosting. Each serving contains up to 100% of the daily recommended dosage of all the essential micronutrients. From £20 for 15 servings. Click here to buy.

Discovery Box of Legends

Dare Legends Bundle Gwg Loves

A great way to get to know the brand, where you can try the full collection of shakes. The box includes Motivational Shake Bag - 2 weeks supply, Dare Motivational Shaker Bottle, Dare Adventure Steel Bottle and Dare iconic unisex T-shirt. £50. Click here to buy.

Shaker Bottle

Dare Motivational Shaker Bottle 2

This hybrid shaker bottle features both a sip spout and chug opening for those constantly on the move. It mixes your shake in just ten seconds, and it will always be smooth. £10. Click here to buy.

By Team GWG
April 2021

Created in partnership with two brands featured


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