Veganuary is not just about adding more plant-based foods to your menu. It’s also about re-examining what’s inside your beauty cabinet too (and your wardrobe, but that’s a whole other post).

Given a bad rap for their efficacy in the past, it has taken a while for vegan skincare’s results to catch up with its ethics. But with the vegan cosmetics industry predicted to be worth $24 billion by 2028, the new-gen of vegan skincare brands are now marrying the latest biotech science with 100 per cent vegan formulas for impressive skin-results.

What makes a skincare product vegan?

Vegan products must, by definition, contain no direct animal products nor any derivatives (lanolin, beeswax etc). They shouldn’t be confused with the cruelty-free ‘leaping bunny’ mark, which does ensure the product hasn’t been tested on animals but doesn’t mean it doesn’t include animal-derived ingredients. Instead, look for certification from PETA or The Vegan Society to ensure your skincare buy is 100 per cent vegan-approved.

To confuse things further for consumers, brands may offer a number of vegan products but not be 100 per cent vegan throughout their range, so it’s worth checking individual products to make sure.

Nor do vegan credentials necessarily mean it’s been formulated using sustainably-sourced, natural or organic ingredients either. If these factors are important to you, then ensure you investigate the ingredients list further.

To help you navigate the burgeoning vegan skincare market, we have shortlisted fifteen of our favourite vegan skincare brands and cherrypicked products from each for you to try.