There is nothing better when staying with friends and having the luxury of opening a new soap. For some reason in your own home, the life of a soap, especially those extra large ones, seems to go on forever and we all tend to miss out on the delight of a new soap. It's the small things that you can do when hosting that never go unnoticed and give great pleasure to your guests.

Best mini hand soaps to treat your guests

As the host, though, you don't want to use great big bars of soap for each new guest that arrives. You want to choose a small sized soap, weighing anything between 25g to 100g, with a lovely wrapper where possible and of course, a delicious scent. You, the host, can use the leftovers. After all, Edward VIII always insisted on using the remainders of soap once his guests had left. He didn't want them to be wasted and nor do we.

Luxurious soaps for house guests

Up until recently, when you stayed in hotels, guests would be given little individual soaps in their bathroom, which you could take away on leaving, either taking the remnants of a bar or even an unopened one. These were perfect for using when you had house guests. Nowadays, most hotels have liquid soap and as a result, little guest soaps are becoming harder to come by.

We appreciate that searching for small hand soaps online isn't a priority but we've done the hard work for you. If you have friends to stay and want to treat them and you need to buy mini soaps for the guest bathroom or cloakroom, this is where to find the very best.

And don't forget to have a pretty soap dish in guest bathrooms and we've included a few favourites.

The gift sets also make a really useful gift when you're being hosted by friends too.