When you think of the wellness practice of cryotherapy, you may envisage athletes dunking themselves into ice baths or stepping into frozen chambers as low as -90 degrees, all in an effort to help muscles recover and offer pain relief after training. How, then, can this icy practice be harnessed for use at home to brighten and firm our faces?

Cryotherapy has been used in high-tech spa facials for years, as the cold causes blood vessels to restrict, which immediately reduces inflammation and puffiness. Next, the body sends a rush of fresh blood to the targeted area; this influx of blood then brings with it oxygen and nutrients, whilst flushing away toxins and stimulating collagen production, leaving skin refreshed, plumped and contoured.

As with many in-salon facial trends, cryotherapy has slowly trickled down into the consumer market, with a range of gadgets and tools now on offer to help trigger the same sub-zero response at home. Interest piqued? We’ve rounded up six at-home cryotherapy gadgets to try.

Main image: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

Cryo Recovery Facial Duo, £89

Charlotte Tilbury’s silicone mask uses not only cryotherapy, but acupressure too. It features cleverly placed gel-bead pockets to target the cheekbones, jawline and forehead, whilst cooling metal beads lift the brow-line. Worn straight out the freezer, it sculpts as it brightens and, when used with her cryo-recovery eye serum, has been proven to reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. Buy it here.

Nurse Jamie

Super Cryo Massaging Orb, from £14

If it’s good enough for the Kardashian Klan, then we too are sold on the simple-to-use massaging orb from A-List LA facialist, Nurse Jamie. Simply refrigerate and use with your favourite slippery facial oil. With two sizes to choose from to target all facial contours, it can also be used as a warm massage treatment to soothe and relax. Buy it here.

Fraicheur Paris

Ice Globes, £59

You may have seen beauty influencers using these hand-held globes on social media in all their juicy, rainbow-coloured glory. Filled with anti-freeze liquid, the ergonomic globes are made entirely of glass. Designed to stay colder for longer, with no dripping, they can be used straight from the freezer for a refreshing wake-up skincare routine. Buy it here.

Beauty Bio

GloPro Cryo Eye, Face & Body Roller, £75

The first to bring a patented micro-needling tool to the home skincare market, Beauty Bio has added two new Cryotherapy attachments to their roller tool, to use across the face and body. Handcrafted from professional-grade stainless steel, the easy glide technique makes them effortless to use. Great to have on-hand to soothe headaches and tension, or to give your complexion a pep up when tiredness strikes. Buy it here.

111 Skin

Cryo De-Puffing Edit, £125

A great gift this season for the skincare aficionado, 111 Skin’s Cryo De-Puffing Edit has all the kit they need to give the sub-zero trend a go for themselves. It includes stylised metal tools and a range of face and eye masks to use in tandem for maximum effect. Buy it here.

Anne Semonin

Precious Pearl Ice Cubes, £75
Precious Pearl Ice Cubes X 6 Copy

No gadgets or tools required. Parisian facialist Anne Semonin has frozen her expert skincare into single dose ice cubes. Simply pop one out the tray, wrap in the gauze provided and infuse the skin with hyaluronic acid, silk protein and pearl extract serum – all designed for maximum skin absorption at low temperatures. Skin is left quenched, brightened and hydrated. Perfect for dry winter complexions. Buy it here.

By Lydia Mansi
November 2021

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