Traditional binary categories in the world of fragrances – those of men’s and women’s – have long been blurred. There is now a wide range of unisex scents on the market, and the traditional notes of masculine scents – ouds, leathers, ambers, woods – are perfect for the darker months, whether you are gifting them this season or looking for something deeper and more sensual to spritz this autumn. We’ve gathered up nine new launches and classic scents that offer those rich, dark notes as a gear-shift into the new season ahead.


Basilic Pourpre, £97
Basilic Pourpre, £87

Inspired by the bountiful bunches of basil leaves at the farmers’ market, Hermes’ latest opens with another Italian classic: bergamot zest, with middle notes of purple basil and sun-warmed geranium, and base notes of warming patchouli and spice. A beautiful last hurrah to summer. Buy it.

Tom Ford

Ombre Leather, £106
Ombre Leather, £100

Ombre Leather has a powdery, spicy and deeply masculine feel, with notes of cardamom, leather, jasmine sambac and warming amber and patchouli. Like a delicious whiskey cocktail. Buy it.

Frederic Malle

Geranium Pour Monsieur, £240
Geranium Pour Monsieur, £210 Copy

If you’re looking for an unexpected masculine scent that is perhaps a little lighter and cleaner, Frederic Malle’s Geranium Pour Monsieur creates a modern floral without a hint of sickly sweetness. Think notes of aniseed, clove, white musks and mint for a wholly masculine yet unusual take. Buy it.

Comme des Garçons

2 Man, £85
2 Man, £85

An oldie but a classic. This crowd-pleasing woody chypre gently develops when warmed on the skin, with spicy top notes of nutmeg, and caraway; middle notes of vetiver root, saffron and iris; and a lingering base of incense, mahogany and leather. Hitting all the right notes for a well-rounded, genre-defining scent. Buy it.


Hero Eau de Parfum, £78
Hero Eau De Parfum, £74 Copy

A modern reimagination of the Hero scent by nose, Aurelien Guichard. Expect intense, woody and spicy accords with immediate green notes of pine and olibanum, which then dries down to incense and finally a trio of Atlas, Himalayan and Virginia cedar woods. Imagine a strapping (trench-clad, naturally) walk through a green forest and breathe deep. Buy it.


Amber Pour Homme, £82.50
Amber Pour Homme, £76 Copy

The first men’s fragrance from Prada, this is a complex yet gentle amber heart, lightened with a citrusy top of bergamot, mandarin and neroli, nestling into a cosy mix of vanilla, tonka bean, leather and sandalwood for an elegantly masculine feel. Wholly befitting of the Prada DNA. Buy it.


Spicy Leather, £63.70

Launched in 2021, Ferragamo’s spicy leather cologne plays homage to the heritage Florentine leather atelier, with other scents in the series including Intense Leather and Bright Leather. The Spicy iteration is just that: piquant, with bold leather and grounding notes of sandalwood and patchouli. There is an additional sprinkling of bergamot, black pepper, clary sage and cedar too – it certainly packs a deliciously masculine punch. Buy it.

Jo Malone

Oud and Bergamot, £150
Oud And Bergamot, £145

A fresher-than-average take on a classically smoky, resinous oud, Jo Malone’s latest winner is paired with crisp, citrus notes of orange, bergamot and lemon with a dry, woody cedar base. Perfect for those who like the best of both worlds. Buy it.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph’s Club, £79
Ralph’s Club, £74

A sensual, powerful scent with fresh top notes of grapefruit, followed by a warm, inviting Virginia cedar wood heart. The most naturally distilled of all Ralph Lauren fragrances, it has a long-lasting, rich base of vetiver, patchouli and cashmeran for a snuggly, cosy feel. Buy it.

By Lydia Mansi
Updated October 2023