Summer holiday fragrances are a carte blanc to change up your ‘fragrance identity’ for something more playful to get you in the holiday mood. Daytime fragrances call for quenching citrus notes, or crispy white florals, while come sundown, it’s time for something sultrier, with the scent of sun-warmed skin and heady blooms the order du jour.


The perfect essence of a coastal summer escape with fresh marine accords and mineral salt, softened by coastal florals. Often combined with wild herbs and white amber to capture the elemental spirit of the sea.


A beautiful blend of citrus zest and creamy neroli blossom and orange flower, creates a sophisticated and uplifting fragrance reminiscent of sunlit orange groves.

Jasmine Sambac

A warm, yet delicate white summer floral, Jasmine Sambac has an intoxicating allure. Often blended with soft musk and sandalwood for depth and richness, for a captivating summer evening scent.

Come sundown, it’s time for something sultrier, the scent of sun-warmed skin and heady blooms the order du jour.


Capturing that scent of sun-warmed skin, amber is often paired with deeper notes of patchouli, smoky incense and vanilla, to create a luxurious and sensual aroma that lingers beautifully on the skin.


Sparkling with the vibrant freshness of juicy citrus and lime peel, bergamot is often balanced by green tea and soothing lavender. Fresh Mediterranean herbs make great complementary notes too, creating a clean and uplifting fragrance perfect for summer days.

Here are 15 of our favourite summer fragrances, that smell like holidays in a spritz.