New Year: Read More Books - Win A Kindle Paperwhite

The giveaway to win a Kindle (8 GB with wifi), worth £119, and you'll never be more than a click away from your next read, is now closed.

You may have read more books in 2021 than ever before (thanks, pandemic) but why not continue this trend into 2022. You have access to the world's library when you own Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite where you can choose from over 5.5 million books, all ready for download and there are magazines too.

Many of us are still a bit old fashioned, prefer turning a page and are reluctant to give up the habit but a Paperwhite does make reading easy, especially when you're on the go. Remember that now very distant memory of packing a suitcase with a pile of books and not having any space for anything else?

A Paperwhite is like reading real paper, it has a built-in adjustable light so that you can read anywhere, even in the bath as it's waterproof. Pair the device with Bluetooth headphones or speakers and you can listen to stories, downloaded from Audible of course. AND a single battery charge lasts for weeks, not hours.

Add a library of books to the e-reader and you'll have the literary world at the end of your fingertips, wherever you are, whether curled up by the fire, on a beach somewhere glamorous or staycationing in the British countryside.
This giveaway is now CLOSED.
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