Zest Digital

Award-winning digital marketing agency with a reputation for delivering tangible results.

Zest is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a well-earned reputation for delivering tangible results to its clients. As specialists in content-driven campaigns, Zest will help companies to find their online audience and build brand and customer relationships. With a close team of experts and an emphasis on creative collaboration, the culture at Zest is all about fresh ideas and energy. Clients include National Trust, freshdirect, Warner Leisure Holidays.


Interested in discussing your project with no strings attached? Zest may be able to help your business achieve its marketing potential. Please contact its Marketing Manager, James Sutton, on 01865 684999.


Zest kindly donate a prize to the GWG Website of the Year Awards, whereby they will work with the winner to create a responsive microsite. Using up to 1200 words of tailor-made content, plus any necessary graphics and design features, the resulting microsite should provide the winner with a valuable online showcase.


For an idea of what Zest could do for you, why not check out the site created with last year’s winner, Nutmeg. The Zest team met with Nutmeg to discuss ideas, coming up with a clever concept based on ideas of ‘Risk and Reward’ that would broaden Nutmeg’s appeal. By focussing on the similarities between investment and fantasy football, customers are encouraged to engage with the risk and reward element of both disciplines. Zest developed all aspects of the site, including design, illustrations and copy.

Off the back of this idea, Nutmeg went on to commission Zest to create a similar microsite appertaining to the Rugby World Cup..

November 2015