If you can build with Lego, you can make raised garden beds and planters with WoodBlocX.

If you're planning on making over your garden or want to create a new area in an established garden, we recommend that you pay a visit to WoodBlocX and its revolutionary concept in garden landscaping. It's no surprise that Dragon, Peter Jones invested £75,000 in the company in October 2012, to help it grow into a national brand.


WoodBlocX is a modular system of wooden blocks that are made from a mix of Scottish and Latvian pine. These blocks are are perfect for making raised beds (easy to weed), low walls (retaining earth up to one meter high), corner boxes, seats, terracing, decking supports, wall steps and ponds. They are linked togegether with dowels and wedges made from recycled plastic. You don't need expensive equipment to install and as the site says, if you can build with Lego, you can build with WoodBlocX. The BlocX are topped with bevelled capping to give an elegant finish.


Firstly, WoodBlocX is hugely versatile and can be put a number of different uses. It's quick and easy to assemble and there is no heavy lifting involved either. Also you don't need to put down foundations. The blocks are made in the UK and pressure treated. Once installed, you don't need to treat them with anything and they will last for at least twenty years, if not longer. They retain their shape and don't crack as a result of ground movement or frost. And should you need more convincing, price wise, they are cheaper than stone or railway sleepers.

Once you've decided on your plan, the calculator on the site will help work out the exact number of components needed. You just input the length, width and height of the planned area and hey presto, all you'll need to do is click the order button.


Check out the website's gallery to see how people have used WoodBlocX creatively. There are also a number of useful videos as well on how to work with these versatile wooden blocks. And it's worth checking out special offers that run on selected kits. The company also offers a free design service.

April 2017