Village England

Beautiful yet practical bags, the functional married with the seriously aesthetic.

Elegant handbags, luxe materials, hand crafted – those are some of the buzzwords at Village England, a site replete with the kind of accessories that eschew the transitory trends of the fashion industry. Long term wearable style, married with casual low key elegance. It’s no wonder the site was started by friends Eddie and Julia, the former working for one of the world’s largest department store chains and Julia at the helm of a seriously well known (we won’t mention names) fashion brand.


It’s all about beautiful yet practical handbags, the functional married with the seriously aesthetic. Full grain natural leather, and for those of you who are all about the finer details (like this reviewer), there’s a heavy cotton sateen lining woven to be extra soft, because there’s one thing Eddie and Julia don’t like and that’s bags that feel cheap, inside and out.


Is one of the important things about Village England. ‘I saw that – Karma’ might as well be their motto, because they are firm believers in giving back. They make as much as possible here in England (London no less), using English saddle leather trim where they can. Overseas factories are firmly, regularly SCS audited, with requirements covering wage levels and allowing collective bargaining, working hours, conditions and ensuring there is no bonded labour. After years of dealing with "Fashion Drama" the founders are planning on only working with lovely people who share their values from top to bottom and left to right.


The superior blog for tips on Peach Punch, British Egg Week and all kinds of other eclectic yet decidedly British fare.


It’s a beautifully designed site, full of interesting content, backed up by a seriously high end product that's beautifully crafted.

October 2014