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A fresh take on the traditional tub chair in an array of styles, textures and patterns.

For a fresh take on the traditional tub chair, look no further than This is a company that has taken a niche product and run with it, producing a wide range of tub chairs and bucket chairs in an array of styles, textures and patterns.


The tub chair’s simple grace and comfortable style first caught the eye of fashionable French society under the reign of Louis XV. Centuries on, it’s popularity is still going strong. Often used in contemporary spaces and hotels or pubs, the tub chair manages to provide comfort without taking up a huge amount of space.


Whether you are looking for a classic chair, or something more jazzy, there is a tub chair to suit all tastes at A variety of colours and patterns are at your disposal, from more subdued blacks and greys to vibrant greens and yellows. Different fabrics are available too, such as leather, pvc, linen, cotton and more besides.

Style wise there are three different shapes of bucket chair available, the contemporary version of which offers softer angles and perhaps a stronger statement than the standard tub chair. There are also swivel chair versions for those keen on the Mad Men vibe.

CONTRACT TUB CHAIR offers a great range of chairs that are specifically designed for commercial use in pubs, hotels, restaurants and offices. These chairs are extra hard-wearing and conform to commercial regulations.


Delivery is free and your order should arrive within 48 hours of your purchase. All chairs come with a twelve month warranty.

November 2015