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Tower is a kitchenware brand synonomous with innovation, style and quality. Chances are that you've already got a Tower kettle, pressure cooker or roasting tin. And if not, the only question has to be, why not?

Founded in Wolverhampton in 1912, Tower Housewares continues its heritage by making saucepan sets, bakeware and electrical housewares, including bread makers, with the one aim of making cooking and food preparation easy. The products' sleek lines ensure that they merge seamlessly into your kitchen, giving it a professional look.


You can kit out your kitchen in one easy move here, in the knowledge that the products on offer use the latest technology in kitchenware. Cerasure is one such range that offers the lastest in non-stick coating enabling you to cook food virtually fat free. The heat responsive, these non-stick pans change colour to let you know when it's hot enough to cook. There are gratin dishes, knives, wastebins, yoghurt makers, sandwich makers, saucepans, everything is covered.

For electrical equipment, Tower has ensured that digital controls are easy to understand and that cleaning is easy. Choose from the Vita Blend for making soups and smoothies, to a full on die cast stand mixer.


The case for using pressure cookers is a powerful one given they can cook food in a third of the time and preserve 95% of the vitamins in food. Cooking this way also uses a whopping 90% less fuel and is guaranteed to lock in the flavour. And they're versatile as you can cook vegetables, meat, fish and fruit in them.


An air fryer lets you cook fried foods with a low fat method, using innovative circulation technology, cooking food up to threes times faster whilst providing an instant heat up time compared to a conventional oven. There are a number of models and attachments to suit your cooking requirements.


As you browse the site, you can make wishlists, compare products and email the page to a friend. Product pages have clear images and reviews will be coming online soon. Also watch out for the Deal of the Day to snap up a bargain.

Updated 2020


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