The cocktail subscription service that brings out your inner mixologist. With £10 discount when you subscribe.

Ever wanted to mix your own cocktails? Host the kind of Tom Cruise shakeathon that will really get your guests going? This is where TASTE comes in, a site that thinks outside the box when it comes to the more elegant spectrum of the drinking culture. What is in effect a very clever concept goes the extra mile with subscriptions and some excellent gift options, going where flowers and chocolate just don’t.


GWG visitors can enjoy a £10 discount off their first box when they subscribe, following this link.


Premium ingredients plus recipes all come included and there’s even history and relevant information to impress your guests on a monthly basis. The TASTE Tumblr is well worth a follow with extra recipes, posts from cocktail competitions around the world and twists on the more conventional drinks such as the much lauded and loved Martini.


The cocktail box starts at £29 with free postage and packing and should you be lacking the requisite tools then reach for an equipment kit complete with shaker, jigger, bar spoon and double strainer. Each boxes provides ingredients for six drinks, recipes for two classics and two variations and a little extra should you wish to taste neat.

Certain items might require a quick trip to your local supermarket; lemons, limes, mineral water, for example but you certainly won’t be trekking to niche shops to source the top quality ingredients that come in hip little bottles with requisite brown labels.

All in all, TASTE is an excellent site that will bring out your inner mixologist, whether you want to treat yourself or as a gift for friends.

August 2014