Standout pieces with the wow factor that really will 'lift' the most conservative of rooms.

Suzy Newton is a 'playful yet determinedly refined' homewares site that delivers a retro inspired aesthetic. Not only is a unique take on design in evidence but the company has carved out a niche with a wide range of elegant products, all made in Britain.


At its essence, Suzy Newton delivers core values that link right into the local community by supporting tradesmen and suppliers. In addition this husband and wife team are all about perfectionism, finishing to exact specifications, attention to detail that grew from their dissatisfaction when Suzy decorated show homes during her ten year tenure as an interior designer; out with the tired greige colour schemes and in with a delightfully eclectic mix of bright primary colours and patterns.


All in all, the provenance of the brand has led to some incredible pieces, including patchwork chairs and footstools, with floral cushions to match, not to mention the plethora of luxury home furnishings that are made to endure rather than as a nod to passing trends.

Don’t miss the one of a kind luxury cushions, perfect for gifts, nor the Mallory Floor Lamp, lighting with more than a touch of MadMen style, whilst, at the most affordable end of the spectrum accessories abound, delightful frames that will bring a touch of much needed colour to any interior.

Patchwork furniture in our humble opinion is the highlight however, standout pieces with a 'wow' factor that really will 'lift' the most conservative of rooms.

August 2014