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The new concept recipe kits that will turn your cooking habits around.

You know the weekly scenario in the kitchen full well, you reach for the same old herbs and spices week in week out, cooking the same old recipes. Cue SimplyCook, the new concept recipe kits, that will turn your cooking habits around. SimplyCook provides the hero ingredients, which provide the taste elements - you just add the fresh food from a short shopping list. Follow the simple recipes and take the credit for great cooking.


For £10 a month, SimplyCook will send you a box with four new recipe kits; each kit contains three pots of key taste ingredients that have been carefully blended to deliver maximum flavour. These special ingredients might be herbs, spices, pastes, rubs, oils and stocks, which arrive along with four recipe cards, each detailing a shopping list.

Recipes have been tried and tasted in SimplyCook's kitchens. They are easy to follow and take between fifteen to twenty minutes to cook, with new recipes created every month. You can check out the recipes online where you'll get an idea of what to expect, from cajun chicken with red pepper, lamb tagine to Malaysian laksa.


SimplyCook has been designed to make the cooking process easy and fun - saving you time trawling the aisles for those hard to find ingredients, and cutting your time spent cooking in half. But it's not just a convenience product; the company's expertise is in creating great tasting food, and its broad product range helps customers discover food from around the world, all whilst encouraging people to eat healthy, home-cooked food.


The first box, which fits easily through the letterbox, arrives two to five days after you place your order. Subsequent boxes arrive monthly and you can cancel or delay at any time. Given SimplyCook has recently launched, it will be adding different product options and new recipes all the time so make sure you sign up to its newletter for the latest updates.


It's a simple concept that will get you cooking exciting recipes from around the world, saving you time in the process. Why not let someone else take the strain when it comes to deciding what to cook? We suggest if you like cooking (or may be just eating), you'll fall for SimplyCook.

September 2013