Security Alliance

Award winning security testing and monitoring services to clients worldwide

Founded in 2007, Security Alliance specialises in providing award winning security testing and monitoring services to its clients worldwide, helping identify, reduce and manage information security risks within global networks, applications and software based services. The company prides itself on understanding its clients’ businesses, providing an independent assessment of risks.

With web attacks on the rise whether through web based malware or financially motivated phishing attacks, security has never been as important. With a full range of security testing, penetration testing, code review and scanning services on offer, Security Alliance can address the demanding security and compliance needs of its clients.

Whilst monitoring services provide 24/7 protection of clients’ information assets through the continuous monitoring, detection and analysis of security events from over 2000 network devices, servers, applications and databases.


If you’re not quite sure which service is most applicable to your business, take advantage of the various appraisals on offer. Book a live demo of the security testing services, customised to your specific requirements, with reports providing clear and actionable advice. Alternatively, a thirty minute one-to-one session will give you an insight into the services on offer and see how Security Alliance can help your business reduce security risks. As for PCI DSS compliance, you can book a free consultation or meeting.


Security Alliance provides clear guidance to its clients to help them significantly reduce security risks, with genuine expertise and thoroughness in the services delivered. With a dedicated team of nearly 200 qualified security specialists, it is able to move fast to accommodate any new requirements its clients may have, without compromising on the quality of service. The company has a proven track record and has been recognised through industry accolades and awards, not to mention the glowing testimonials from clients, which can be online.


For companies wanting to identify security vulnerabilities, penetration testing can demonstrate the potential security impact, both external and internal. Ensuing reports should give clear recommendations and solutions to help eliminate each vulnerability or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

May 2013