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Secret Linen Store

Luxurious 100% cotton bedlinen, that won't cost you the earth.

Two sisters have put their textile designing and marketing heads together and come up with the Secret Linen Store, selling luxurious 100% cotton bedlinen that won’t cost you the earth. Comfortable, stylish and affordable, now if that doesn’t ensure you get a good night’s sleep, we don’t know what will...


There are lots of good reasons to shop at the Secret Linen Store, not least that the website is a visual delight, with a look that is as well-designed and cosy as the bedding that it sells. The Secret Linen Store saves costs by cutting out the middlemen (the linens are sourced directly from Portugal), and there are no warehouses, no big lorries and no fancy shops. This is great news, because it means that its top quality duvets, sheets and pillowcases are available at incredibly reasonable prices, saving you up to 50% on high street prices. The company only uses natural fibres - in fact, unlike many retailers, both sides of its reversible duvets are made with 100% high-grade cotton.


The Secret Linen Store range includes plenty of classic white designs, alongside dots, stripes and other prints. Bedding is available to buy as a complete set, or you could mix and match a patterned sheet with a plain duvet and pillows - the choice is yours! In need of inspiration? There is an excellent blog to help you with some styling ideas.


Delivery within the UK is completely FREE and you have up to a year to return items. However, returns should be rare as the Secret Linen Store offers a free sample service, allowing you to see and feel the fabric quality before you part with any money.

March 2014