Quality Wellies

All the top brands that will keep your feet warm and dry whatever the season.

Those summer days spent skipping along arid dirt tracks in a mere pair of plimsolls have passed, and winter is just around the corner. Perfect time of year, therefore, to invest in a really tough pair of wellies - and Quality Wellies has all of the top wellie brands you could need. Quality Wellies offer wellington boots and garden shoes for men, women and kids at sensible prices, from popular brands such as Evercreatures, Muck Boots and Bogs.


Muck Boots offer high performance neoprene wellies that will provide comfort and warmth (even in sub-zero temperatures) as well as being waterproof. Available in bright purples and pinks as well as the usual green, Muck Boots are incredibly durable and should last a good long while, making them well worth their £60 - £90 price tag.


Fed up with the battle to remove your wellies at the end of a long day? Bogs Wellies have come up with an ingenious way to solve this problem, by including pull on handles built into the top of the boot. This brand also works with neoprene, spelling the end for chilly toes. Bogs are a Canadian company who excel in making boots that work in cold wet weather, helping people work comfortably in all conditions. Originally supplying to the agricultural industry, word quickly spread that Bogs were great at keeping your feet warm whatever you were doing.


At the other end of the spectrum, Quality Wellies includes brands such as Evercreatures, well known for their fun, festival-friendly wellies. Available in patterns, stripes and in several bright colours, these wellies will rise to the challenge and add joy to your wet weather gear.


Unless you know which specific brand of boot you are after, the best way to shop the site is probably to head to the ‘welly categories’ menu - where you can choose from a list that includes farming wellies, festival wellies, garden shoes, leather wellies, neoprene wellies and even wedding wellies!

Delivery is free on all orders over £30. Next day delivery is available for selected wellies.

November 2015