Luxury and sustainable British knitwear made from the world's finest alpaca yarns.

There certainly is a trend dominating the world of high quality online retail and it’s all about provenance, yet these days your brand is nothing without some seriously ethical guarantees. All of which brings us to our latest discovery; Plum of London, the brand that combines an incredible range of alpaca clothing with a guilt free way to shop.


Well if it’s crafted from this sought after yarn then chances are Plum of London will stock it; there’s clothing for women, men, children and babies, not to mention the gorgeously soft throws. Scarves and hats naturally are a strength, as well as snoods (great for brutal winters) and our personal favourites; the pure alpaca christening shawl.


That all the items are made in Britain with the highest quality yarn being sourced from South America, and as if that wasn’t enough the brand uses only the finest ‘Royal Alpaca’ which is smooth and just as soft as the finest cashmere. The alpaca itself is an incredibly environmentally friendly animal as they cut rather than chew grass when grazing, meaning less stress on their environment (aren’t they considerate). Last but certainly not least, Plum of London is all about encouraging the next generation of young British designers, just for an added batch of brownie points all round.


Is (wait for it) free on all UK orders. Quite frankly what more incentive do you need? Especially right before Christmas.


What else is there to say? Apart from the fact that this reviewer just spent the last twenty minutes trying to choose between a beautifully crafted alpaca cowl and an equally arresting shawl… And the conclusion? Buy both – because value for money is without a doubt the cherry on the cake, for an item that can be passed down for generations. No (and we mean no) disposable fashion here.