The Oak Chopping Board Company

Solid, natural and long-lasting, a personalised wooden board will only improve with age.

Few domestic items are as satisfying as the chunky wooden chopping board. Solid, natural and long-lasting, a much-loved wooden board will only improve with age and use. An excellent mascot for a marriage or a new home, one might say? No wonder that The Oak Chopping Board Company sells such a huge number of their beautifully crafted, handmade and engraved oak chopping boards as engagement, wedding, new home and anniversary gifts.

Based in West Sussex, the company has been making chopping boards, bread boards, cheese boards and more since 2010. Where possible, the oak is sourced from local Sussex woodland, but occasionally The Oak Chopping Board Co. will have to turn to Europe (France or Germany, usually) for their oak.


There are several different styles of board to choose from, in a variety of sizes, as well as lazy susan platters and wine racks. The sky’s the limit, really, when it comes to personalising a board or rack with an engraving. Each board is hand made to order so any configuration of names, dates, quotations, motifs and ciphers can be engraved onto the sides, face or hidden on the underside of the board. Adding an engraving is easy - simply write in the required words, choose the font and position and that’s that. You may want a motif as well, for which there are several 2D and 3D designs to choose from. For something different, how about decorating your board with a personalised cipher? The Oak Chopping Board Co. will design a unique cipher for you, at very little extra cost. There are plenty of examples of their ciphers on the site.


Delivery is completely free on orders over £75. Take note that, owing to the bespoke (and therefore extra-special) nature of your order, delivery will take between seven to ten days. Well worth the wait, of course.

September 2015