My Yellow Canary

The place to find pre-owned designer handbags and accessories, with 100% authenticity guaranteed.

If you're hankering after a designer handbag, it's worth checking out My Yellow Canary and its impressive selection of pre-owned high end luxury bags and accessories.


This London based company guarantees 100% authenticity so that you can shop for handbags in confidence. All the items sold on this stylish platform are checked by a skilled team of experts who certainly know their Jimmy Choos from their Stella McCartneys. The company is keen to build a long term rapport with its customers, making My Yellow Canary the go-to site for pre-owned fashion accessories and by going the extra length, it's certainly succeeding.


Shop by brand or style and you'll be presented with page upon page of gorgeous handbags in mint condition. At the time of review, a Michael Kors tote was tempting, whilst an Anya Hindmarch glitter cluth would be perfect for the party season. Each item has been fully vetted and with images taken from various angles, you'll get an idea of condition and so forth.

If an item is showing signs of wear and tear, details of this are included on the product page.


If you like your fashion from bygone days, don't forget to check outMy Yellow Canary Vintage Bags with classics from the 1970s. The Gucci Leather Crossbody Purse might have been on your wishlist for decades but now the dream is within your sights.


You might be one of those people that is into recycling so might consider selling a handbag before buying another. It's very easy, just email details of the brand, model type, colour, material, condition, any original receipts, dustbags or tags, along with three images and My Yellow Canary will get back to you within twenty-four hours with a quote, based on the condition and popularity of the model.


Sign up the newsletter and you'll receive £10 off your first order. So if you're on the lookout for a Vivienne Westwood or a Lulu Guinness, we recommend you make a bee line for My Yellow Canary bags.

October 2014