Shop for unique fashion by independent retailers and emerging designers from all over the world.

Modafirma offers fashion designers, retailers and artisans the opportunity to curate, sell and showcase their unique creations and designs directly to to a global audience, via an exclusive social commerce fashion platform. This is great news for shoppers and designers alike, so whether you are a fashion vendor, or a fashion spender, we suggest that you pay attention.


The savvy fashion shopper can now shop for unique fashion pieces by independent retailers and emerging designers from all over the world. Modafirma is entirely dedicated to women’s fashion, including clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes and other accessories. Expect fabulous, good quality clothing - there is no place here for cheap fabrics, mass production and shoddy design. Style-wise, Modafirma offers a real mix: yes, there is plenty of directional design to keep the fashion-pack happy, but there are also a goodly selection of classic garments for the rest of us! Shopping is as straightforward as you would expect on any site, with options to shop by category or by each boutique. When you shop on Modafirma you are shopping directly from the designer. Payment is taken via the relevant vendor’s Paypal account. Modafirma also has its own social media facet embedded within the platform to allow communication between sellers, buyers...and all those interested in fashion.


Fashion designers and boutique owners can apply to sell their unique creations through Modafirma by following the application instructions within the sell tab on the homepage. Modafirma has high standards and operate a careful selection policy, so make sure your designs are good. On your application being accepted you will be offered a customisable online boutique. There are various templates available dependent on differing levels of membership. Sellers are started off with a subscription free bronze level boutique, but once a boutique is established they can upgrade to silver or gold for a monthly subscription fee instead, with lower commission costs. Modafirma operates a third party policy, providing the marketplace technology, examining performance and monitoring the quality of the merchandise.


Modafirma welcomes applications from talented designers to showcase their collections, increase their exposure and build an online network by using the site’s fashion galleries. Opening up the lines of communication for the fledgling designer in this way could well establish Modafirma as a firm favourite within the most stylish of circles.

June 2015