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Martine Davis Gallery

Brighten up your garden with Martine Davis's weatherproof art.

The Martine Davis Gallery offers a collection of photographs taken by Martine Davis, with a unique collection of weatherproof art. Her artwork has transformed gardens in Primrose Hill and St Johns Wood. Modern and contemporary in style, Martine’s photographs have been taken all over the world, featuring architecture, land, people and nature. Boy George and Philip Sallon are amongst Martine's fans, attending private views of her work.


Why confine photographic prints to a life indoors? Martine Davis Gallery offers a range of weatherproof art, made from a strong but flexible lightweight plastic material. Now you can brighten up your terrace/patio or garden with one of Martine’s photographs, all of which are available in this weatherproof format. You will be able to enjoy the bright colours of Marrakech, or the glory of Florentine architecture in your very own space. These prints can be screwed, nailed, riveted or stuck to any suitable surface.


An A1 size print costs £275, with postage and packing included within the price of your print. Other sizes can be printed, simply email the gallery with your specifications and they will get back to you with a price.

March 2014