London Rentals Collection

Upmarket serviced and private apartments right in the heart of London.

There has been a marked change in the last few years on the holiday rental market, it's no longer last minute hotel sites that rule the day, nor even holiday lets, but a certain kind of site is bridging the gap, with a USP that's all about providing serviced and private apartments, but combining them with the functionality of a hotel, complete with customer service and easy to navigate booking options. London Rentals Collection is a perfect example of this burgeoning trend, offering a wide variety of upmarket London properties at prices that will certainly make you reconsider booking that extortionately expensive hotel room.


All the properties listed are in prime Central London locations, with extra attention paid to both parties: client and landlord. Descriptions are drafted in several languages, ensuring an incredibly high ranking on foreign search engines. There's also a secure facility online for owners, with all manner of helpful facilities such as spreadsheets, information on bookings and rental statistics to help you keep ahead of the curve. Personal relationships are also at the forefront, and it should be noted that owners are paid upfront before guests arrive ensuring maximum security and peace of mind. London Rentals Collection is also part of an extensive network of online portals, meaning listings go even further afield.


There's plenty to recommend on this side of fence too, with apartments in Chelsea for example on offer from as little as £99 per night. There's even a Platinum Collection for those looking for a little extra luxury. The extensive galleries of images are also welcome giving you a realistic view of the properties on offer.


For first time visitors to London, this company has thoughtfully put together a guide to all the city's manifold attractions. Want to follow in Shakespeare's footsteps, Change the Guard at Buckingham Palace, get a birdseye view of the city from the London Eye or be photographed with the stars at Madame Tussauds? You can pre-book all these attractions via the site. There are over 200 London tours on offer, alongside useful information on travelling around the city, the best places to eat and where to shop.


If you're considering eschewing your traditional hotel stay, but are still concerned with value for money, then London Rentals Collection might well provide the alternative you're looking for. A worthy contender indeed.

June 2014