Delicate hand-made filigree jewellery that evokes sentiments of the past.

What on earth is filigree, we hear you ask. No, we were none the wiser, until we came across the genius of KOKKU, the online specialists intent on bringing an age-old art form to jewellery lovers the world over.


Gold jewellery, but not just any kind, a delicate arrangement of interwoven wires, is the USP; dainty metal work that evokes the sentiment of the past with artisanal techniques deriving from the Latin word meaning thread.


So what's on offer? An endless array of necklaces, pendants, cufflinks and rings, combining the art with more modern design as well as traditional Sardinian patented techniques; might we say, the craftsmanship is unrivalled.

Yes it’s nothing if not an extensive range with eight collections to browse, each more desirable than the last. Be sure to zoom in on product images to see the fine detail of this delicate art form.


What really sets this brand apart is the ethics. It’s all about supporting the artisans who create the work; ‘preserving by promoting;’ the work of husband and wife team Andrea and Ansula Usai, who are intent on saving this ‘dying art form’ for future generations. Andrea, a native Sardinian, is passionate about retaining a ‘sentimental’ connection with the land of his forefathers, whilst Ansula hailing from a family of architects and designers is equally immersed.

It’s quite a moving mission statement, a collection that reflects family values, as well as seminal events from their lives; attention to detail that seeps through each and every piece and gives them their unique attributes.

All in all, a company who are very ‘good’ indeed.

July 2014