John Ross Jr is the Scottish tradition producer of smoked salmon.

Ah the joy of winter coming round again, warmer clothes, knee high socks, fleeces, roaring fires and the mouthwatering treats so endemic of the party season - and none bring to mind cocktail parties and riotous dinner engagements more than top quality Scottish smoked salmon. Cue one of our newest finds here at The GWG; the brilliant retail site that is John Ross Junior - purveyors of some of the finest smoked salmon known to man quite frankly.


Certainly covers any eventuality, because salmon isn’t the only thing on offer - there’s fresh Scotch beef and lamb, smoked game and poultry, and even a deli full of pates, sauces and condiments. Bestsellers include the Balmoral fillet - fitting indeed.


There’s a whole host of fresh fish to entice you, not to mention the utterly moreish Gravadlax which comes highly recommended.


Are all important too – the fish is all cooked in red brick kilns dating back to the 19th century, and is hung over ‘smouldering fires of oak chippings’ resulting in the kind of flavour that really endures in the minds and memories of your guests. 


If you’re out to impress then this is the brand that delivers time and time again.

October 2013