One of fashion’s best kept secrets for buying and selling pre-owned fashion.

There’s been quite a trend the last few years for pre-owned luxury fashion being sold online; is it the hangover of the profligate 80s? All that spending? Or is it the realisation that in the cold hard light of day that Moschino emblazoned blazer just doesn’t look that hot on you anymore. Well, now there’s a chance to reclaim at least some of the initial investment at Covetique, the site that brings new life to last season's favourites. This is the site where you'll find designer clothes and accessories in pristine fashion at up to 70% off the retail price.


The site is replete with choices; pre-owned designer clothing and accessories from the likes of Burberry, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin along with style inspiration from those in the know. There’s tons to enjoy, quality editorial married with serious functionality, Covetique runs on the principle of mitigating uncertainly, offering the designer addict unparalleled peace of mind. Items are collected free of charge and you can enjoy discounts of up to ninety percent off when you spend your easily won earnings.

Furthermore, it’s just a case of filling out a simple form and then waiting for forty eight hours before seeing your items picked up. Forget the hassle of eBay, fielding all those inane questions, forget the hijackers who will do it for you but siphon off half your profits, this is the solution, just make sure that your items are in seriously good or as new condition because it’s all about physical examination on receipt when Covetique's team will price the item.


All in all, Covetique offers a comprehensive service that fills a niche. Just don’t use it as an excuse to spend, well even more… but if you do choose to reinvest, at least you'll be saving money on your purchases.

July 2014