Surround yourself with the heady fragrances of Saigon.

Surround yourself with the heady fragrances of Saigon by using the fabulous range of scented products available at Cochine. Skincare and fragrance specialist Kate Crofton-Atkins was inspired to create this luxury brand after moving to Saigon, where she quickly realised that the city offered an intoxicating cocktail of fragrances that would bring romance and calm to any stylish home. Thanks to Kate you can now fill your daily life with exotic notes of white jasmine, frangipani, delentii, agarwood and water hyacinth, all of which are part of the sensory experience that is Vietnam.


Each fragrance has been designed as an eau de parfum, but is intended for use in the home, brought to the market in the form of scented candles, reed diffusers, hand and body lotion, liquid hand wash and a four wick candle. All Cochine products are made in Vietnam using the finest quality essential oils and you won’t find any nasty paraffin wax candles here, instead all candles are made from a botanical palm oil wax.


Cochine's site provides the perfect backdrop for its deluxe products. Glossy, high-end and beautifully packaged, the range of home fragrances look and sound so spoiling, you will surely want to buy some. Agarwood & Amber, White Jasmine & Gardenia, Vanille & Tabac Noir; with olfactory delights such as these we challenge you to resist! Browse through the site by checking out the range of Cochine fragrances or by selecting the Shop category. Add some sweet-smelling elegance to your bathrooms with the hand wash and hand lotion, or give a deserving friend a gift of one of the delicious scented candles.


Cochine offers free delivery on all UK orders and free delivery worldwide on orders over £100.

September 2015