An icon of privilege, style and comfort, a Chesterfield sofa that will last for years.

Head to Chesterfield Couture for a Chesterfield sofa that has been handmade in England and is of the finest quality. Chesterfield Couture uses talented craftsman and the best of materials to make high-end Chesterfield sofas in its Manchester workshop. For a worthy price you can have your very own version of this icon of privilege, style and comfort, safe in the knowledge that it will last for years.


There are three main collections available, designed to appeal to all tastes and requirements; the Couture Collection, Platinum Collection, Contemporary Sofa Collection and finally, Chair & Stool Collection. Each collection features handmade sofa furniture that takes the classic Chesterfield sofa or Chesterfield chair and explores the potential to develop the design.

For each sofa, chair or footstool, there is a choice of leathers and for each sofa a choice of size (two seater, two and a half seater, four seater etc). There are even options to choose what material the feet are to be made out of, and a choice of studs. Should you want something a little bit more unique, or a slightly different design, leather or fabric, then Chesterfield Couture also offers a bespoke service.


We all love the smell of expensive leather, but not everyone wants to pay the price. Cleverfully, at Chesterfield Couture there are three different price points for their leathers; classic, premier and deluxe. All are of high quality, but premier and deluxe have undergone more processing at the tannery.

June 2014