Celia Lindsell

For high end home wares and lifestyle accessories that bring you enduring style and pleasure.

Quality of life, high end home wares and lifestyle accessories that have some provenance to them, and really will impact the way you live, bringing you enduring style and most of all pleasure. Yes that quite sizeable list is what everyone’s after right? Which brings us onto a new discovery Celia Lindsell, a site replete with products that will certainly take the edge off those January blues.


Is comprehensive in the extreme, with all manner of bath towels, table linens, and even a beautifully fragrant range of Lavender oils. Lavender in fact is nothing if not a running theme; appearing as honey, in the range of oils and even in lavender bags, eye pillows and scented shoe trees. In fact you might say lavender fused products are this site’s USP. If your children are having trouble sleeping, the addition of a children’s lavender bag (read: bright coloured pillow chock full of the stuff) could well make the difference between a good night’s sleep and another night of restless dreams; well worth the investment.


We just fell head over heels for the unique bobble cushions, not to mention the seriously chic bomber jackets and the fur hotwater bottle cover. Possum fur is another strength, appearing on collars, wrist warmers, bags, hats and scarves.

If you’re off on holiday to anywhere remotely hot it would be an absolute travesty to miss the Cote d’Azur collection, an iconic fabric designed by founder, Celia Lindsell, who has taken the emblem of the Pin Parasol; that ubiquitous tree you see all over the South of France and married it with bags, sarongs and cushions.


There is a complimentary wrapping service (seriously handy) and delivery charges are nothing if not reasonable, at £2.95 for orders under £17. Doorstops and honey deliveries might be slightly more due to their weight.


This is a site that may not boast the snazzy interface of some of its competitors, but we can vouch for the fact that the products found at Celia Lindsell are first rate. There are also some really interesting articles to peruse on lavender and all its healing properties. We’re converted.

January 2014