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Mix and match fairy lights and string lighting in 49 different colour choices.

Cable & Cotton offer strings of fairy lights with 49 different colour choices. The idea is to mix and match to make your own customised fairy lights. An excellent, quirky idea for a gift, or an easy way to perk up a child’s bedroom. In fact, any lack lustre space can swiftly be transformed by a simple string of coloured lights, or by the addition of a Cable & Cotton Big Lamp.


For the lazy/easily pleased/time-poor among us, there are readymade colour sets of lights on the site for you to just click and pay for. For those who would like to make a bit more effort, just head to the option titled ‘choose your own colours’ and start experimenting. This section is cleverly designed so that you can see what your string of lights will look like as you add each choice of colour. There is a shuffle option to move the colours around, and an option to alter the background colour as well.


The Big Lamps are available in 3 sizes - 18”, 15” and 12”. These lamps are simple but striking spheres of textured colour that will definitely lend a surrealist edge to your interiors. You can now also purchase different coloured cable flexes to go with the big lamps.


Each string of fairy lights is handmade by skilled craftswomen in Thailand. Fair pay and working conditions are important to Cable & Cotton and so each worker gets to work out in the fresh air, and will have an insurance policy set up for them in case they can’t work for any reason.

Any light purchased from Cable & Cotton will be UK safety certified. There is free mainland UK p&p on all orders over £25.

September 2015