Boost Marketing

The awards consultancy firm that helps businesses enter awards.

We live in a world where businesses live, breathe and thrive on awards (the ethos behind our very own annual Website of the Year Awards), but the process of entering can often become a challenging competitive sport, which is where businesses the world over can breathe a sigh of relief – because Boost Marketing are there to help, taking some serious stress out of the entire process.
The eleven strong team will do all the hard work for you; whether that’s advising you which awards will be most beneficial for your company, writing incisive copy (read: ‘powerful awards submissions’), or even down to filling out all those endless forms - they'll do it all for you.
Are not to be sniffed at; there’s the 40% win rate to begin with, not to mention the huge 75% of entrants making it through to the final stages of competitions (or higher). Operations extend as far as the USA and New Zealand, and there’s a staggering 8000 hits per month on the seriously altruistic 'free to access list of industry awards'. To put it quite simply, the impact of what a service like this can achieve is really quite staggering; in a world where time is money, this is a company that will save you heaps – of both.
This is one site where cool, sharp retro design is the buzzword and we just love the design ethos attached to the services on offer, it’s a great example of strong visual marketing tools, and only emphasizes a team that’s at the top of their field.
If you want to invest in your business, and also want some morale boosting acclaim in the process, then this will give your business the ‘boost’ it needs. The way forward and the ultimate in outsourcing.

June 2013.