Working with over 250 different breweries across the British Isles, bringing you the best artisan beer and real ale.

'Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy…' so said Benjamin Franklin.

British Beer is experiencing something of a renaissance, with microbreweries springing up all over the country. Visiting Best of British Beer is a brilliant way to get your hands on some of these artisan ales, and will lead you to try new ones.


Based in Staffordshire, Best of British Beer works with over 250 different breweries, from across the British Isles. Whether your favourite tipple is from Orkney or St. Ives, you will probably find it here. The team has put together a wide selection of cases, using feedback from customer tasting sessions. You will find a choice of cases offering Traditional Bitters, Award Winners, Seasonal Beers, British Ciders and many more besides.


Sign up for the Monthly Beer Club and Best of British Beer will send you twelve different artisan beers from twelve different breweries each month, along with tasting notes and a pub quiz. This would be a perfect gift for any real ale enthusiast. Beer can be delivered monthly, six times a year or quarterly - whichever you prefer - and delivery is free. Prices range from £33 - £36.49 per case, depending on whether you go for monthly or quarterly delivery.


With Best of British Beer's help, you can personalise your favourite beer for a wedding, anniversary, birthday - or just for the fun of it. Provide the text and a label will be designed just for you.

March 2014