Internet users are constantly under threat from malware so this is a useful resource to turn to.

AvoidOnlineScams is a useful resource to reach out to for advice and information about the Ukash Virus and other online scams. Internet users are constantly under threat from malware and ransomware, so this is a good site to turn to as its advice hub keeps you updated with all the latest news to avoid online scams.

Ukash, the company that provides consumers with a secure payment method to spend cash online, has joined forces with leading police authorities and anti-malware partners to create this site, AvoidOnlineScams, with the aim to inform you of the threats and to help you remove ransomware from your computer and in particular, the so-called Ukash Virus.


The Ukash Virus, which is an international criminal ransomware scam, locks down your computer and displays a police or security notification asking you to pay a fine. It has many names across the world but the Ukash Virus is one of the most common, others include Metropolitan Police Virus and Strathclyde Police Virus.

It is worth taking the time to browse some of the articles to gain a sound understanding of the different threats that you face online, with links to reliable sources, such as Kaspersky, Anvisoft and Europol.


There should be no need to remind everyone that protecting your computer from malware is paramount. However, should your computer fall victim to the ransomware, it's fairly straightforward to remove following some step-by-step instructions, with relevant links available.

We recommend that you add AvoidOnlineScams to your list of favourites and check its useful resources on a regular basis to ensure you keep one step ahead of the game in the fight against cyber crime.

October 2013